Herb Jackson is a Phoenix based actor/model. His modeling debut in 2019 was on the Channel 12 Arizona Midday show. He has appeared in commercials and advertisements for Liberty Buick and Kitchens Unlimited. Herb has also been recently  featured on Popfuzion TV, hosting the “All Things Trending” segment.


He is a graduate of the John Casablancas school of modeling,  and is currently enrolled at the Arizona Actors Academy in Phoenix. 


Herb is also an accomplished Pilot. He holds multiple aircraft ratings and is currently a Boeing 737 Captain for a major US Airline.


Herb is represented by the MTM agency in Scottsdale, Arizona. His agent is Janeen Fabbri. Please see the contact page for bookings & inquires.

Exclusive: “Just Do It!” Hard Work and Great Mentors Powered Herb To an Airline Cockpit

When Herb Jackson, Jr., was 33, he had been working for United Airlines for about a decade. A latent desire to change his career path led him to cash out his stock plan to finance what he wanted to do with his life.

He Flew One Of The Last Southwest 737-300 Classics To The Boneyard And The New 737-8MAX In The Same Weekend

In aviation and in life, we love to commemorate firsts and lasts. This past weekend, Southwest Airlines retired their fleet of Boeing 737-300s and two days later inaugurated service with the new Boeing 737-8MAX jet.