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Cooking up a storm!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Have I got a treat for you! Interviewing the charming and precocious Bailey Rae Fenderson makes it easy for this podcast to be the best 5 minutes of your day. Speaking with talented people is one of the best things about being a video podcast host, and in this episode, I talk with a rising star who is truly at the beginning of her game.

Bailey Rae is only 9 years old, and has already worked as a commercial actor on True Detective and the Netflix feature film, Her Only Choice. She’s also done voice-over work in the animated film Klaus. “I want to do more voice-overs,” she says. “It’s really fun.”

She’s gearing up for her own cooking show, The Bailey Rae Show, coming out in September 2020 on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Android TV. She’s also putting out an accompanying cookbook on healthy eating. Bailey Rae’s passion for cooking comes from her own family’s health struggles.

“The reason I started cooking is because my family is surrounded by diabetes…. I want to keep other people healthy, and my family.” In The Bailey Rae Show, she’ll show kids and their families fun ways of incorporating healthy food into their lives.

And to me, this is Bailey Rae’s brilliance—she is plugged in to the serious issues affecting those closest to her, but she uses this to create work that she truly enjoys and has fun doing. When I ask how she liked being on set in True Detective, she smiles and says, “I was riding a bike and it was really fun.” We should all take a page from her book and focus on the fun we have doing what we do!

As an aspiring sous chef and food critic, Bailey Rae likes to know what her favorite celebrities are into eating. She lit up when talking about her current favorite, Harry Styles, and what she’d cook for him if he came to dinner. “I already know his favorite food, actually. I’d definitely serve him tacos.”

Check out @thebaileyraeshow on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and whatever social network you’re on. You’ll want to stay up to date on this multi-talented performer so that you can say, “I knew her when.”


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