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Good Vibes and Great Music--Honoré is Here to Get Us Through This Thing Called Life

It’s always great to have a friend of the show visit the flight deck. And it’s especially great when that guest is as positive and heartening as this week’s guest, R&B and Pop music sensation, Honoré.

Honoré brings his uninhibited enthusiasm to this interview, as he does to all his work. When talking with me about how he got into music, he noted that it was in large part do to his inquisitive and enthusiastic attitude that he was able to make a name for himself.

“I found the knack to song write,” he says, “and when people brought me into the studio as a young kid, I was always questioning ‘What does this do?’ and ‘How does this work?’ My attitude helped a lot, wanting to learn the whole art of song writing and the music business.”

He also took influence from the very best. Prince continues to be a major influence for Honoré. “I identify with this guy,” he says. “The stuff that he was talking about—he taught me so much about music. He also taught me about ownership of your business… I miss him dearly. He is my greatest musical influence forever and forever and I try my best to continue to do stuff that he would want me to do.”

Honoré’s positive philosophy was really put to the test recently, as the COVID pandemic forced new worries and restraints on so many of us. I had to wonder how he has managed to create new music and connect with fans while in social lockdown. In fact, how does anyone stay positive in times like these?

“As an artist, I wanted to use my platform to continue to put out good things, good vibes, to help a little bit,” Honoré explains. “If I can make you dance a little bit or smile a little bit, I feel like that’s my responsibility.”

You must check out Honoré’s collaboration with D.J. Milk D—a fun, energetic song called Get Up that was released at the height of the pandemic. The video, which can be found on his YouTube Channel, is a delight—you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling while watching it. While you’re there, why not do yourself a favor and subscribe?

“Usually when you have a single, you’re going to have a music video attached to that to promote it,” explains Honoré. “But since we’re in COVID we couldn’t do that—everybody’s in their houses. So I thought of the idea of getting the fans from all over the world to send in their clips. When you see the video you’re going to see different clips of everybody from different places of the world… young, old, black, white, brown, green—it was amazing.” The video really is something special. It is heartwarming and catchy, a true beacon of positivity and connectedness in the midst of social distancing. Even during this pandemic, Honoré makes it a priority to create joy and bring people together through music.

Wow! Honoré’s whole way of being expresses his message: stay positive and share your positivity with others by bringing people together around joy and celebration. I’m quite sure Prince would be proud!

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