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Happy Birthday Jack!!

Jack posing for a pic after complementing me on my retro Lakers shirt
Jack Nicholson courtside at Staples Center

Seeing as today is Jack Nicholson's birthday, I decided to share my one and only interaction with him (so far) ;)

You may or my not be aware that Jack is a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan. He's been a season ticket holder for over 50 years and is an iconic fixture courtside adjacent to the visiting teams bench. Jack is one of the most popular and recognizable people in the world. The legendary award winning actor leaves a huge wake wherever he may be. He also prefers to watch the game and does not usually pose for pictures. How do I know this? well the security guard stationed directly behind him mentioned this along with the folks I was seated with in row A.

So how did I mange to grab the attention of one of the worlds most recognizable figures and have him pose for a pic? See below:

me wearing my iconic "showtime at the forum" tee shirt outside Staples Center in Los Angeles
Herb Jackson Jr

I happend to be wearing my iconic "Showtime at the Forum" t-shirt. The Forum was the home of Lakers for over 30 years. It's where the legend of "Showtime" began. Lakers owner Dr Jerry Buss set out to market and change the way basketball was viewed. It was Dr Buss's legendary vision along with a few occurrences so strange that if they didn't actually happen someone might view these stories as fabrication straight out of a hollywood script. A draft pick, a freak bicycle accident, and a color commentator turned head coach, are just a few of the fortuitous bounces that made the Lakers the most successful sports franchise of the 80's. While winning 5 titles on the court, it was the atmosphere in the arena that made the Lakers a must be seen at event. Dancing girls, i.e. Cheerleaders aka Laker Girls, a nightclub so exclusive that only the elite gained admission, and the famed celebrity row, where for probably the first time in sports history "The fans make more money than the players." For those who have experienced it "Showtime at the Forum" was one of those cultural phenomenons that will be talked about long after all of us are gone. And it's with those memories that I think made Jack glance over at me during a timeout and say "nice shirt." Seizing the moment I responded with "thank you!!" and politely asked if I could take a pic. He responded favorably and my Jack Nicholson moment was born.

So Jack I wanted to thank you again for that special moment and wish you the best on your birthday!!

Thanks for reading :)


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