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Herb Jackson Jr Joins Award-Winning Film Production Company as Executive Producer on Upcoming Project

Herb Jackson Jr., an airline pilot turned actor, is now making the leap into film production and is set to join UK-based film production company, Fact Not Fiction Films, as an executive producer on their upcoming film, Angel Fleet, in support of the B-17 Preservation Trust.The production company, which is known for its award-winning film and documentaries that highlight key societal issues, will be bringing Herb on to its latest project which will be shot on location around West Sussex in England.

The short film focuses on the story of a family who struggles to come to terms with a tragic flying accident that killed the test pilot father.This new project is a topic particularly close to Herb’s heart as the short film seeks to pay homage to all crew who lost their lives, joining ‘Angel Fleet’, especially those who lost their lives in combat whilst fighting for peace.

As an airline pilot himself, Herb has a unique set of knowledge and skills that will help him provide valuable insight into the project once cameras start rolling.Speaking on his newest project, Herb Jackson Jr says, “I’m extremely excited to be taking on this incredible new project with Fact Not Fiction Films. I couldn’t have asked for a better project for my first dip into the world of production as it’s a topic I have a very unique experience with.  

“We are delighted that the film will include the world-famous Sally B aircraft. The last remaining Boeing B-17 bomber flying in Europe, supported by the incredible B-17 Preservation Trust and the endless work of Elly Sallingboe and their team of volunteers."

The short film marks a new stage in Herb’s acting career, switching his role up from in front of the camera, to behind it for the first time.

Herb recently shifted his focus from flying airplanes full time, to pursue a career in acting. Since taking his leap of faith, Herb has appeared in a number of TV shows and short films. He has also started his own podcast, 5 Minutes with Herb, which is soon to launch its third season. Herb plans to take everything he has learned in his previous experience and transfer it to his latest milestone project.

Angel Fleet is set to be released in 2023 and will be filming in locations around London such as Horsham and former WW2 air base RAF Coolham, throughout Summer 2022.

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