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My guest this week is Suzan Nguyen. She is awesome.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Suzan’s mission, as she puts it, is to “truly empower people to be resilient and help them realize that after trauma, things can still be better. That is my mantra; that is what I live by.”

Suzan is deeply accomplished: She runs a comprehensive coaching and public speaking business called Be Better Not Bitter where she acts as Happiness CEO—that’s short for Chief Encouragement Officer. She is also the author of One Arm But Not Unarmed, she’s a TEDx speaker, she runs a non-profit organization, and she was recently named as one of Yahoo’s “10 Most Influential People of 2020.” And I have a feeling she’s just getting started!

In the interview, Suzan shares how her passion for happiness came from her own experience with adversity. After a tragic accident at the age of 22, Suzan lost her dominant arm. “If you had of asked me after my accident if I thought I could be happy again, I would’ve said no, that wasn’t in my cards.” Then she realized that to be happy, she needed to start from within. And from there she has made it her life’s work to help others do the same.

I especially wanted to have Suzan on my show now because it’s so necessary, at this time, to provide people with positivity and a chance to focus on the good. There is so much noise in the world and bad news in the media, but Suzan is all about joy and optimism. Her message resonates with me, as someone who has been active in recovery, because she empowers people to make the choice to be positive.

As Suzan explains, Being Better means choosing joy over bitterness. “We all have a choice to either stay in that bitter zone, or we all have an opportunity to move forward and try to be better.” Through BBnB, Suzan’s goal is to promote individual growth and wellness to those impacted by life’s challenges. Her process entails helping others be vulnerable and to recognize and confront their pain. “Being vulnerable is crucial in order to move forward in the healing process… It’s all about peeling back the layers in order to create joy from within.”

Suzan’s message is purposeful, profound, and positive—words to live by! I’m so glad that BBnB is currently taking its message worldwide!


You can check out her virtual support group on Facebook, called Be Better Group.


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