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My Ultimate goal is to help new people find new skills

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

When I heard this quote from Fred Brandon, I knew I had to have him on my show. As an entrepreneur, technologist, international speaker, TV/Radio producer, world traveler, and avid Blockchain enthusiast, Fred is no stranger to embracing new and interesting challenges. And his desire to bring others along with him is part of what made him found Brand New Technologies and Brand New Travels.

Whether it’s learning to build new apps or use the Internet more efficiently, Fred’s goal is to help others to learn new things and build their own knowledge and business savvy. He is also a huge advocate for children and POC learning STEM and financial programs.

Fred runs a travel app that, as someone who enjoys seamless travel myself, I find very appealing! Brand New Travels offers customized immersive tours and cruises. As Fred shares in the video, he designs travel packages so that clients “just need to get to the airport and I take care of everything from there.” As part of a recent trip commemorating an anniversary for the company, Brand New Travels went on an 8-day tour of Egypt that was both fun and educational. He brings his own passion for travel and for learning to his business; “I want to make an experience for everyone so that they don’t have to think about anything--they just have to have fun!”

And how do you get the money to travel? Well, Fred can help you with that too! His weekly podcast, called Get Wealthy Wednesdays, helps listeners to truly understand the concept of money. Fred speaks with industry leaders about finances, stocks, investing, generational wealth, technology—you name it! He’s here to “get your pockets fat,” as he says. I know you’ll agree with me that Fred offers the total package when it comes to learning and developing—whether it’s you, your business, your wallet, or your passport that needs help growing, Fred’s an awesome resource for accomplishing new things.

Get Wealthy Wednesdays is available on Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, and Spotify


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