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Put in the Work and Believe in Yourself

My guest this week is the charismatic and inspiring Sir Brodie. For anyone who has ever taken the risk of switching careers, of sacrificing money or comfort to follow your dream, let Sir Brodie be a welcome encouragement for you.

Sir Brodie has an endearing, and kind of incredible, story of how he left the corporate world to pursue a career as a commercial actor. He worked as a successful copier salesman for 20 years. “I had a lot of success selling copiers,” he says, “but after my father passed away in ’09, it really made me start searching for something that I could be in love with.”

Part of his morning routine as a salesman involved checking the weather. One morning, a message came on the news about a local casting call for football players and coaches. It caught Sir Brodie’s ear and he decided to go, still wearing his suit and tie, ready to head to the office if he changed his mind.

Sir Brodie paints a vivid and all-too-relatable story of the nervousness he felt before taking the big leap into a new chapter of his life. Sitting in his car, watching hundreds of others walk by to scramble for the limited roles available. “I started thinking I might as well take my butt to work!” he says.

But he didn’t. He went in, took it one step at a time, and soon discovered that his work as a college athlete gave him an in. (You’ll love to hear this twist to the story! No spoilers here, but watch the video--it’s truly amazing!) And from there he kept going.

“I fell in love with being on set; I fell in love with the atmosphere, and I fell in love with the work more so than being on the screen.” He decided that this was the environment he wanted to be in all the time. “Being able to impact someone else’s thought or emotional reaction—it just felt GREAT!”

And now? He’s featured on hit shows like Snowfall, Survivor’s Remorse, and NCIS: Los Angeles. Check him out @sirbrodie on Instagram or visit his Facebook page and you’ll be impressed at the career he’s built so far.

As someone who works as a commercial actor, a video podcast host, and a commercial airline pilot, I know a little bit about changing careers. It’s scary, and it’s also natural to feel self-doubt. I never tire of hearing success stories from people who have navigated the challenge of making a big change. I know that many of you will find his story as energizing as I did!

In my conversation with Sir Brodie, we really got to shed light on the work that goes into the end result.

“Being an athlete helps because it’s not a competition with other individuals, it’s a competition within yourself. You have to be self-motivated to persevere and to keep going. Even when the roadblocks come you still got to fight through it… as an athlete we’re used to that.”

Put in the work and believe in yourself. Sir Brodie is living proof of how life can be an accumulation of all we’ve learned and accomplished, and how we can use that to propel us toward new goals and dreams.


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