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Short Film ‘The Last Butterflies’ to Wow Audience at Kansas City Film Festival International

Behind the scenes at the filming of The Last Butterflies in Mildred, Kansas. Pictured: Herb Jackson Jr, Whitney Wegman-Wood, Cooper Andrews and Adam Boyer

The eagerly anticipated short film ‘The Last Butterflies’ is set to captivate audiences at the prestigious Kansas City Film Festival International. Shot primarily in Kansas and Missouri the film will show on Saturday April 13th at 3:15PM, Ward Parkway Theatre 1.


Kansas City Film Festival International has been a beacon for filmmakers and cinephiles alike for over two decades, showcasing diverse cinematic voices from Kansas City and beyond.


‘The Last Butterflies’ delves into the harrowing tale of a small family grappling with environmental catastrophe and the agonizing decisions it entails. Written by and starring Whitney Wegman-Wood, with Herb Jackson Jr serving as associate producer, and directed by Patrick Rea, the film is a poignant exploration of human resilience in the face of adversity.


Herb Jackson Jr, associate producer, and actor in the film, says, “I was very happy when I received word that 'The Last Butterflies' was selected at the Kansas City Film Festival, as we shot the film in Kansas so it means a lot to many of the cast and crew as they are from the KC area. I had an amazing time during shooting and was appreciative of all the local support we received from the folks in Mildred. I'm hoping a few can make it up to Kansas City to see the finished product.”


Whitney Wegman-Wood adds, “To date, this film is the thing I am most proud of in my career. I put so much of myself into it; my fears, my tenacity, my blood, sweat, and tears.


“I had an old professor when I was training in theater who always said, 'Leave it all on the stage.' I feel like with 'The Last Butterflies' I left it all on the screen. I have completely laid bare my vulnerabilities as a writer, an actor, and as a human being. It took me many years since my early training to get to a place where I could open my heart like this, but it is an achievement I am deeply proud of.”


‘The Last Butterflies’ revolves around a family led by a brilliant NASA scientist, portrayed by Cooper Andrews, facing the escalating crisis of ecological collapse and societal upheaval. Alongside Whitney Wegman-Wood as his wife and Ivy Hickman as their young daughter, the family confronts the dilemma of staying in a disintegrating society or embarking on a treacherous trek into the Canadian wilderness in search of refuge – a difficult journey that will test their resilience, and the strength of their familial bonds.

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