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Tyla Harris was Born to Be an Actor--For Life!

My guest this week is a decorated over-achiever. Tyla Harris has so many different talents it’s actually incredible. During high school she was president of a championship-winning policy debate team, a leader in an all-girl volunteer group, a majorette, an active BETA club member, and an intern with her local District Attorney's office. She also acted in several shows and commercials and was an AP student who graduated Magna Cum Laude. Now, she’s starring alongside Nicholas Pinnock in the hit TV show, For Life.

Oh, and did I mention, she’s only 19 years old?

Since I work as a commercial airline pilot, a fashion model, and a commercial actor, I’m always interested in learning about people who are passionate about diverse fields. I wanted to find out from Tyla what it takes to be confident in so many different areas.

“As long as you’re doing the work,” Tyla says, “as long as you believe in yourself and you’re trusting in everything that you’re doing, then things will fall into place. Don’t doubt your work.”

Tyla was practically reared to be on stage. Her mother was a theatre major in college when Tyla was a baby. “I was basically her purse,” says Tyla. “So everywhere my mom went I went with her.” However, when Tyla wanted to get into acting herself, her mom told her that even with her background, she still had to prove herself. And Tyla did just that! She’s now a television star.

And yet, in our interview, Tyla stresses the gratitude she feels for the community she’s a part of more than the fame that comes with success. “I don’t feel like I’m a star on a hit TV show,” she told me. “I feel extremely blessed to be on this show in particular because it does reflect what I want to do with my life so much… Our whole cast is filled with nothing but talented people.”

She speaks fondly of the bond she’s formed with her co-star, Nicholas Pinnock, who plays her character’s father on the show. “We’ve actually had a lot of different talks about advice, whether it’s in the industry or out of the industry, and even working with him in scenes he makes sure that you’re getting what you need.” This relationship forms an important component of her acting success. “Just meeting him, we naturally formed a bond that helps us play that role on TV.”

Tyla is a deeply authentic and engaged person who gains knowledge and drive from the people and experiences she’s a part of. I know you’ll like Tyla’s story as much as I did. You can continue to follow Tyla and her fascinating career on Facebook and Instagram @tylaanneharris.


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