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You’d Better Believe, Cheyenne Hernandez Does All Her Own Stunts

Okay folks, let’s talk about fierce! My guest this week is a multi-talented commercial actor who knows a thing or two about having various careers. Cheyenne Hernandez is an army veteran with martial arts training. She’s also a bombshell who thoroughly embraces the aspects of herself that are “weird and kind of crazy,” as she puts it. You can catch her in the role of the villain in The Tax Collector, where she performs alongside Shia LaBeouf and Bobby Soto. She plays Gata, a vicious femme fatale with an axe, or in this case a hammer, to grind. But don’t worry—as you’ll see in the interview, in real life she’s actually really nice.

Somehow, Cheyenne always suspected that her training as a combat medic would help prepare her for her biggest film role so far. “It’s funny,” she says thinking back, “I remember sometimes when I was treating somebody [in the army] I felt like I was in a movie.”

And yet, although she admits to treating some of her real life situations like a performance, her advice to new actors on how to audition includes knowing when to stop acting. “A big thing is to deliver your best performance,” Cheyenne says of the audition process, “and another thing would be to know when to stop performing.” The first time that Cheyenne auditioned for David Ayre she wasn’t afraid to let her true personality shine through. “For my first audition in Hollywood it was for a different show that David Ayre was working on, and I did the script and once he said cut it went into a conversation.”

“He said that he was a navy veteran, so immediately we had that veteran bond and I knew to drop the façade.” He started asking her questions about her childhood and she answered honestly. They made a connection, which eventually lead to her role as Gata in The Tax Collector.

Cheyenne’s experience informs the advice she gives to young actors, especially to young women: “Don’t listen to anybody who’s telling you that you can’t do it. Don’t change yourself for anyone or anything either. Because it doesn’t matter if you make it, it doesn’t matter if you’re a millionaire, it doesn’t matter how successful you are, none of that matters if you’re not happy.” From anyone else, that might sound like a simple platitude, but Cheyenne has lived it, and by following her own advice, she has started building quite an impressive career in Hollywood.

“Just be yourself and go for it,” she says. And that is some kick-ass advice!

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